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We improve our clients brand awareness using content creation with a focus to expand their current fan base into the new areas while establishing a group of loyal followers.

Developing an art style that fits your brand, your vision, and your audience is a huge challenge. Our industry experts will push your brand forward

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The most epic internet show you've ever seen! 

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A huge prank breached security around Putin and the World Championship in Moscow. 

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Fight yourself with the water element. Take a bicycle from a steep hill. Wave in the rhythm of music festivals. Or just enjoy the glass in the shade of the vineyard, climb the pedals along the muddy river or take the culture in the winding streets of the historic city. We'll do everything in the summer. It only depends on what you want with us.

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Myra Goldie

Marketing Manager at Supernova Studio

Filip’s organizational skills and fervour translated into met deadlines and exceeded expectations. Filip’s value extends far beyond videography — his calm and optimistic demeanor contributes to a positive work environment, his ability to empathize is crucial to keeping users at the center of every project, and his ability to kill even an artificial houseplant always keeps things interesting

Petr Hellstein

Marketing manager at Jaguar Land Rover

The video has been a great success both here and in Austria and has been shown as an example of how cars and events should be presented.


Martin Barna

CEO of Effective Fitness Training

We contacted Trewiomedia with a request to create a new training program for our clients. 

Guys, they did all the work for us from designing, filming, producing and putting everything together. They did extraordinary work.

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