January 2019

The world’s first true design-to-code platform

Supernova takes mobile designs created in Sketch and transforms them into production interface code for iOS, Android, React Native and Flutter. 


These talented guys had a fantastic product that requires a bit of practice to use. Their goal was to target a new group of users, raise product and brand awareness and increase organic web traffic.

Supernova had almost zero video content about their product. In order to convert early adopters into users, we needed more social proof and more content.

Another huge challenge was in front of us. And that was Ycombinator. Three months long intensive training under the supervision of mentors and tech gurus who wanted to see one thing only... exponential growth.

What We Did

Social Media Management
Influencer Marketing
Video Explainer


16 videos
↑ 170% growth per month
+ 30 K Views
 ↑ 417.69% Youtube Traffic

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