During the World Hockey World Championship held in Russia, Kazma Kazmitch, with his crew, went directly to the stadium to the ice palace on an illegal trip.


The whole event was hosted by Škoda car maker in Mlada Boleslav. Because these cars were not locked, they managed to get both boys into a parking lot with parked cars, through a false garbage truck. With their compliments, they hide in the trunk of the show car. They spend a few night and days in the truck that transported the cars. During the border check, both were hidden in the trunk of the vehicles. At night, when the stadium was empty, they both climbed out of the car and started shooting the environment when they got into an unexpected situation when they had to face the local cleaner. Fortunately, he did not notice them, the action could continue.

During the match, they get secretly beneath the platforms on which the show cars are exposed and behave like other viewers. At one point Kazma manages to timely penetrate into his hiding place, where he has his tailor-made costume of the mascot Laika. The moment he comes dressed in this costume, he starts to behave like an official mascot there, while the real one is somewhere else. He observes the President of the Russian Federation, he will not resist attempting to greet him.


During the trip, the cameraman shoot a very important part of the Russian dressing room, which will later enable them to work on another project called Datsyuk skate. He returns to the stadium among the people. Long hours and naive fans here think that together with the experience they collect photos for life. The most important part comes to get to the ice during the closing ceremony. Kazma sees that his passage has not changed enough. Laika, on the other hand, had to put the brilliant score. And then it just took off. The whole world was already broadcast live from what was happening at the stadium, but nobody even knew there was anyone on the ice who had nothing to do. And when the ceremony is over, he leaves the stadium with his bag and a message for all viewers: "When people say it's wise, go ahead because when they say it's good, somebody else does another

Producent - Kamil Bartošek

Direction - Markus Krug